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    Sign Up | IDC DREAM WORLD is launched!

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    Sign Up | IDC DREAM WORLD is launched!


    The International Footwear&Bags Design Award(IDC AWARD)begins to sign up!

    IDC AWARD is a professional footwear and bags design competition initiated by Shenzhen Charity Federation-Belle International Innovation Fund. And organized by Shenzhen Leather Association. After 13 years, continuous innovation, all the way development. It has witnessed the process of footwear and bags design of an era. With the purpose of "innovative thinking and international vision, output design value, and enable the development of footwear and bag and leather industry", the competition is one of the best platforms to discover and cultivate design talents.

    Fashion is a cirle. When we observe the era through a reflector, we can find cultural symbols that fit the new era in the backward broad vision, and make a turning point in the inheritance and innovation. Thirteen years after the restart of the new track, here we go!

    If design is a collision of ideas, we hope you can show the all-encompassing possibility from a new perspective and set foot in your new cultural symbol with a bold stance.


     The metaverse concept:

    IDC Dream World


    It is the development and creation, IDC metauniverse space will connect IDC AWARD online application platform.

    The participating and winning works will have the opportunity to launch on IDC Dream World, which is the experience of IDC metauniverse space. Augmented Reality (AR) technology is applied to enable each audience to experience the core elements and design works of IDC metauniverse through mobile phones.

    3D models of designer works have the opportunity to be directly presented in the real space environment, virtually try on, and can be directly purchased.

    IDC Show World, a real space d online & offline exhibition space, will use lights, holography, art installation and other space layout, to carry out art display, product sales and design team incubation for the winning design.

    2022 Competition Theme:

    Innovative Interpretation of Footwear and Bags in the Digital Age

    With the development of the Internet, digitalization has given impetus to innovation, and new industries and business forms are flourishing. The era of creation is coming.

    The excellent design of each era are all deeply rooted in the social aesthetic consciousness and contemporary aesthetic style.

    In digital age, how can we innovate the interpretation of footwear and bags to extend to a broader field?



    Sign-up:July 29 - October 20, 2022

    Preliminary ion: October 2022

    3D Production: October-November 2022

    Finals & Awards: December 2022



    - Design Concept Award:domestic and overseas students / students graduated within one year.

    Focus on: the design concept. It aims to discover and celebrate new design concepts and innovative thoughts, and take these imaginative design ideas as the future direction, the trend of technology and products.

    - Product Design Award:Design studios/institutions, independent designers, in-service designers, as well as shoe bag, leather product design enthusiasts, and cross-border designers in other industries.

    Focus on: the whole process of the product presentation from planning, design, plate making to marketability of the finished product. It aims to discover the perfect combination of new design concepts and commercial scenes, and to cross-over with business brands.

    【Art work category】

    - FOOTWEAR:all kinds of shoes style and for all kinds of consumers, including(not must):A: fashion shoes B: boots C: athlesiure shoes,etc.

    - BAG:handbags, suitcase, leather design goods, etc.



    Design Concept Award:

    IDC GOLD  AWARD_BAG,one person



    Product Design Award:


    IDC GOLD  AWARD_BAG,one person



    Comprehensive Award:




    IDC AWARD_FANS CHOICE,one person




    two persons/organizations



    IDC AWARD_BEST INSTRUCTOR , five persons



    IDC AWARD_CONTRIBUTION , five persons




    Note: The above bonus includes personal income tax. All the awards will not be overlapping to the same participants/teams; the committee owns the right to reserve the Gold Awards if there is no outstanding candidates.


    ◢ Organizer

    Shenzhen Charity Federation-Belle International Innovation Fund


    Shenzhen Leather Association


    Guangdong Shidi Intelligence Technology Inc.

    Shenzhen HuPO Fashion technology co., Ltd


    ◢Idustry support

    Belle Fashion Group








    ◢Supporting organization

    Shenzhen Charity Federation

    China Commerce Minist

    China Commerce Ministry Trade Development Office

    Shenzhen Charity Association

    Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce

    China Leather Association

    China Industrial Design Association

    Italian Leather Research Institute (SSIP)

    Netherland SLEM Leather Creative Academy

    UK DHD London


    Rayli, VOGUE, Mogu, Red, TouTiao, Sina.com, NetEase, Tencent.com, Souhu.com, IFENG.com, Shenzhen Press Group, China Leather Net, Leatherhr.com, Afnhk.com, China Leather, Beijing Leather, Shenzhen Economic Daliy, Modern Weekly, Southern Metropolis Daily, Shoe Bag, International Footwear News, Leather Weekly, Shoes World, Shenzhen Media Group, Southern Television Guangdong, Acshoes.com


    Metaverse Competition

                                                 copy the link to sign up!




    Shenzhen Leather Association
    TEL:0755-25595619   25595207
    CONTACTS:KK 、Sicily
    EMAIL :szleather@126.com
    ADD:1406 room, Huatong Building, East Sungang Road,Luohu distric, Shenzhen   
    MAIL CODE:518023

    IDC AWARD service


    Entry requirements

    1.The entries shall be original (including those whose design concepts have been shown to the public, have not been produced or sold, or have participated in other domestic and foreign competitions and have not been promoted), and must be independently d by the contestants themselves or their teams. The content and form of the entries must be unique. Participant shall not use it in other design competition at home and abroad, the award-winning productions shall not copy imitate, theft or intercept website, magazines, newspapers, fine work of another material content, involving intellectual property dispute issues such as work, competition organizing committee will cancel its individual or team to qualify and recover bonuses. The intellectual property rights of the works of the competition belong to the contestants, but the contestants agree and authorize the Organizing committee to use the winning works legally by means of free fair use, exhibition, dissemination and publicity.

    2.During the publicity period,if entries violated the entry requirements and be reported, the committee will investigate, participants/ teams will be disqualified.

    3.The entries must be healthy in content, not contain pornography, violence and other factors, and must not conflict with the relevant laws and regulations of the People\'s Republic of China.

    4.Entries for brand proposition category should have marketing value, technology feasibility, practicality, and consumption value.

    5.Participants should submit application form via IDC Dream World link or official WeChat platform or IDC Award official website: (IDC Dream World will be the only online sign-up entry).

    (1)Submit one of the renderingsof the work(E-version), including title, main design sketch, design description, etc. Size should be A3(297mm height x 420mm width. Resolution ratio:150dpi. Image size <2M, sketch can be upload after scanning), can also be directly uploaded by the computer drawn electronic renderings. Participants may hand-painted or computer graphic, details,colored design draft. need to be showed on it. Please follow the size requirements straightly, oversized or no instructions or incomplete instructions for color materials shall be deemed invalid and disqualified.

    (2)Submit a plan structural drawing, including three views (markdown measure details.)in size A3(297mm height x 420mm width. Resolution ratio:150dpi. Image size <2M, sketch can be upload after scanning or submit E-version that design on industrial design tools.

    (3)Complete the application form online, claim the name of the entry, author name, recommended organization, address, phone number, email address.

    (4)Submit the application form, and the form must be completed, writing clearly. If ambiguity caused any dispute, the committee will not take the responsibility.

    6.Semi-finalists should submit finished products for review, and paper document to address producer/ production team/ sponsored company; used material and suppliers of the materials.The participants themselves shall be responsible for any loss, delay, or damage of the works in the process of mailing. The organizing committee of the design competition shall not bear any responsibility.

    7. If the finalists cannot complete the finished works due to their own reasons for participating in the competition, the committee has the right to record other alternative works to enter the final.

    8.Semi-finalists should submit a proposal in PPT to show proposition, produce process, and business insights, etc. (it can also be a video in MPEG-4, less than 2 min).

    9. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.


    Original Design Work License Agreement

    To ensure designers’ legitimate rights and the interests of copyright owners please be sure to carefully read and confirming your full understanding tothe "Original Design Work License Agreement” and make your appropriate choice according to the guidelines after for the following digital artwork services,

    You (hereinafter referred to as the "copyright owner") are the original author of the work and entitledcomplete copyright to it.

    1. The copyright owner should ensure that the work is independently d and not distorted, tampered with, plagiarized, plagiarized, forwarded, or citing works d by others. The copyright holder\'s authorization of the work, does not require further authorization or consent from any third-party rights holder.

    2. The works published by the copyright owner shall not contain the following contents:

    (1)Violating national laws, endangering national security and unity, social stability, public order, social morality, and insulting, defamatory, obscene or any sexually suggestive, violent content;

    (2)Content that infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of others, such as reputation rights, portrait rights, name rights, name rights, other intellectual property rights, trade secrets, etc.;

    (3)Involving the privacy, personal information of others;

    (4)Harassment, advertising information orspam;

    (5)Other information that violates laws, policies, public morals, social ethics, or interferes with the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties.

    3.The copyright owner authorizes the IDC Award committee to use the works in this event, and the copyright owner agrees that the IDC Award committee will digitize the authorized work, including but not limited to digital artworks and other product forms, and conduct digital artwork pricing, distribution, and Sales. The territorial scope of the license is worldwide digital artwork platforms.

    4.The works released by the copyright owner are guaranteed to be released for the first time, and they are guaranteed not to be released on other digital artwork platforms or other related activities before the release by the IDC Award committee.

    5.If the IDC AwardCommittee or its affiliates are involved in any complaints, investigations, legal disputes, administrative penalties, lawsuits, or arbitrations due to the content of the license agreement, the copyright owner is solely responsible for handling and bearing the relevant costs and compensate the Organizing Committee and all losses suffered by its affiliates.

    6.The IDC Award committee has the right to modify or change the content of this agreement when necessary, and announce the change through website announcement or other means that can be received. After any modification or change of this agreement, if the copyright owner continues to use the services of the IDC Award committee, it means that the copyright owner has read, understood, and agreed to accept the content of the changed agreement.

    7. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.


    Usage Rules of Digital Artworks

    1.For details on the issuer of digital artworks, please refer to the "issuer" marked on the product title and product details page.

    2.The digital artwork is d by the issuer,copyright owner or designer. Without consent, it is not allowed to distort, tamper, plagiarize, plagiarize, or cite works for other activities. Otherwise, you will be held accountable for your breach of contract, including but not limited to blocking or restricting your access to, using digital artwork, withdrawing, or terminating your authorization, etc., and requiring you to compensate the issuer copyright and its licensors for all the resulting damages. loss.

    3. Your successful purchase or convert of digital artwork means that the issuer or copyright owner of the digital artwork grants you a valid, non-exclusive, an irrevocable, non-sublicensable and sublicensed limited general license ("License"), you can use the following authorization scenarios for non-profit purposes such as personal enjoyment, learning, entertainment, communication, and socializing to reproduce, publicly display, exhibit, perform, broadcast, publish, aggregate, or otherwise use digital artworks for non-profit purposes:

    (1)Display digital artwork in account avatars, social media or games;

    (2)Display digital artworks in IDC DREAM WORLD;

    (3)Publicly displaydigital artworks on the IDC AWARD related platforms(online or offline).

    4.The above authorization is limited to the legal owner of the digital artwork. If you assign or otherwise (if applicable) transfer ownership of a digital artwork, all licenses and rights associated with the digital artwork will be transferred synchronously and without reservation, and you will no longer be entitled to the digital artwork. any license and interest in the artwork.

    5.You understand and agree that, except for the authorization scenarios stipulated in Article 3 above, you do not acquire the ownership or license of any intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of the original works after you purchase digital artworks. Such rights or interests still belong to the issuer or right holder. Unless otherwise agreed by the issuer or the copyright owner you shall not use the digital artwork beyond the scope of authorization or authorization scenarios specified in Article 3 above.

    6.The introduction of digital artworks (pictures, texts, videos, etc.), creator information, qualification documents (if any) and other information are provided by the issuer and the creators are responsible for the content and copyright of all digital artworks.

    7. You agree that without the permission of the issuer and the platform, you shall not trade or transfer digital artworks through any channel or in any way, and you shall not hype the digital artworks, otherwise the issuer and the platform have the right to block the relevant digital artworks or restrict use and take other measures.

    8. special reminder

    1) The number of digital artworks is limited, and once purchased, it will not be returned or exchanged.

    2) You need to complete real-name authentication before you can successfully purchase or convertdigital artwork.

    3) Before you purchase or convert digital artworks, please be sure to read the terms of use and service descriptions carefully. Once you click "Buy Now", you are deemed to have agreed to all the rules and content of this page.

    9. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese version and the English version, the Chinese version shall prevail.


    Leagel Statement

    1. Participants should own the copyright of their entries. The committee does not have obligation to review the copyright involving the entries. If any entries were charged with infringing upon intellectual property, including patent right, trademark right,design,copyright, etc. or ownership that related to legal dispute, participants assume all the responsibility. If any loss is caused to the organizing committee or others, the participant shall be liable for compensation.

    If the Organizing Committee is involved in any complaint, investigation, administrative punishment, lawsuit, or arbitration caused by the infringing works of the participants, the participants shall be solely responsible for handling. All legal disputes and liability for compensation arising therefrom shall be borne by the participants and the Organizing Committee shall be compensated for all losses incurred thereby.

    If the committee affirms the entries infringing upon intellectual property, participants should submit documentary evidence to claim it and till the dispute is solved, and participants assume all the responsibility.

    2.The entries, application forms, photos, etc. will not be returned. Participants need to keep the draft by themselves. Participants should be the exclusive copyright owner of their entries,If a work is d jointly, the contestant must obtain the consent of the co-author.The committee can use the entries(including design drafts and finished product) for promotion, not limited to collection,exhibition and publication to the entries. No other entity or individual (including the participant himself) may transfer, copy, forward, publish, issue or license the entries in any form.

    Participants should read the legal statement carefully before submitting the entries, and fully understand and agree the terms. The committee owns the final interpretation right.

    3.The participants should be responsible for the delivery and transportation process. The participants shall bear the legal risks of damage or loss of the renderings and finished products during the process of delivery (i.e. before the signing of the organizing committee).

    4. There is no application fee. Official WeChat account: SZLA999. Official website: www. www.forodeanimales.com

    5. The committee owns the final interpretation right.

    Participants should read the Entry requirements、Original Design Work License Agreement、Usage Rules of Digital Artworks、Legal Statement carefully before submitting the entries(In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these documents, the Chinese version shall prevail), and fully understand and agree the terms. Once submit the entries, participants should abide by the regulations above:CHINA COMMERCIAL LAW FIRM

    6. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these documents, the Chinese version shall prevail.

    Legal counsel of the competition: China Commercial Law Firm

     copy the link


    Go to IDC DREAM WORLD rigt now!

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